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How the #1 team in Idaho leverages Brivity for leads

Like many leading real estate professionals, Kris Bertagnolli, Chief Revenue Officer for Anderson Hicks Group, understands the importance of investing in advertising to create a steady flow of quality buyer and seller leads for a team.


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The search for consistency

Kris and the team have invested a significant amount of money and resources over the years into various campaigns and other advertising partners with mixed results. They tested new campaign ideas that initially saw positive results, but results would eventually fade once their competitors began running similar campaigns.

For a time, the team managed their own Meta and Google ads. “We were getting a ton of leads, but the quality of the leads was really low, ” says Kris. “It was creating extra work for our team – from the effort to procure to sorting through the leads to find the good stuff.”

Kris saw firsthand how advertising platforms and technology were constantly evolving and knew they needed to find a partner to help quickly navigate changes and create consistent results.

Long-term results with Brivity

Searching for a solution to their up-and-down results, Anderson Hicks Group decided to partner with Brivity to drive highly-successful ad campaigns. Over the past two years, they’ve seen just that.

“We were able to tweak and change campaigns easily which, over time, has resulted in a steady flow of quality leads.”

What types of lead gen campaigns do you run with Brivity?

“We’ve tested several different campaigns over the past few years, but are presently running Google buyer and seller pay-per-click campaigns, Brivity Connect Facebook lead campaigns, and Facebook campaigns targeting in-market sellers,” says Kris.

Brivity Connect leverages three proven advertising strategies designed to capture quality Facebook leads.

  1. Capture new consumers searching in your target area with active IDX listings.
  2. Re-engage leads with homes that match their search criteria.
  3. Nurture leads with branded display ads to keep your business top of mind.

Do any of your campaigns perform better than others?

“Not really. What’s interesting is the results vary based on the market and how it shifts. I think the important thing for us is just being consistent in placing ads for both sellers and buyers. And when things shift and adjust, we see different results coming from the contrasting campaigns,” says Kris.

“The lead flow from our Brivity campaigns is very consistent. We’re seeing an average of 100 leads per month from our Brivity campaigns and a 50% engagement rate.”

These sky-high conversions are not just a result of the quality leads generated, but the systems within Brivity designed to drive sales success. Once the team connects with prospects to better understand their needs, they place them onto a Brivity Auto Plan to keep engagement strong until the lead is ready to make a move, ultimately creating an impressive return on investment (ROI) for their advertising spend.

Can you share how you are nurturing leads from Brivity ad campaigns?

“Every campaign is tagged with a lead source plus tags illustrating their interest in buying and/or selling. We utilize Brivity’s ‘10 Days of Pain’ Auto Plan that combines automated activities and manual tasks for our ISAs to contact,” says Trevor Huntsinger, Director of Operations at Anderson Hicks Group. “We continue to move through the Auto Plan until we make contact, and then our ISAs follow detailed scripts to determine exactly what they are looking for and their intentions so we can adjust accordingly.”

Following Brivity’s proven systems has removed a lot of the guesswork for agents at Anderson Hicks, allowing them to spend more time interacting with clients and less time worrying about how to generate business. “The Brivity Lead Gen Program and Brivity Platform have been instrumental in our ongoing success,” says Trevor.

“The Brivity Lead Gen Program and Brivity Platform have been instrumental in our ongoing success.”

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