Your brand is unique. Now your real estate website is too.

Brivity IDX websites are customizable, responsive, and effective for capturing massive amounts of leads. Give your website visitors a great search experience to keep them coming back.


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Customizable websites

Our selection of high-converting customization tools makes you stand out from the competition online. Take control of every part of your website to build your specific brand, or have our best-in-class designers do it for you.

Advanced lead capture

Give your leads the option to Start an Offer, Schedule a Visit, or Save their Search. Forced registration for property views, listing alerts, and saved searches = more leads! Track user behavior to set targeted follow-up plans and convert leads into listings.

Home valuation pages

Brivity powers the best valuation site for seller lead generation- offering multiple estimates from different sources, comparable stats, and a prominent CTA for leads to get a professional home valuation done by you.

Single property sites

Showcase your sellers listing with pinpoint marketing using beautiful, exclusive landing pages specific to their single property. Plus, instantly create search-specific lead capture landing pages for any listing on your site in just one click.

Simple open house registration

Multiple form options for open house registration that generate leads in your CRM and tag them with “Open House” and the listing address.