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CMA, Sales Automation, Transaction Management, Customized Websites, Reporting & Marketing

“We chose Brivity Platform because we wanted to condense everything into one platform. We set three listing appointments within the first 30 days. There is nothing like what Brivity has to offer.”

Jason Matt

Owner of The Jason Matt Team, Real Estate Rainmaker & Brivity Client

"Brivity lets you do pretty much everything from start to finish within one platform"

Brivity lets you do pretty much everything from start to finish within one platform and makes my team more efficient, in turn saving me a lot of money.

KW East County, Real Estate Team & Brivity Client

Nurture every lead with sales automation, so they become a forever client

Keep leads and clients engaged with smart plans, email and text drip campaigns, and automated marketing all designed to convert leads into forever clients.

  • Save follow-up time with pre-built reminders, tasks, and automation
  • Convert more leads with proven auto plans and scripts
  • Send the right message at the right time with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Spend more time with clients knowing smart plans and automation are working for you
  • Make prospecting a breeze with Brivity Dialer
  • Get up to 50% of your time back so you can focus on closing more deals

"I love Brivity!"

I love Brivity! My auto plan texted a lead while I was showing homes to other clients. The lead responded right away. We spoke on the phone during my drive home from my showing, and I’m sending that lead properties to see this week.

Elizabeth Gassos, Real Estate Agent & Brivity Client

Leverage one CRM to manage your business, team & transactions

Create a repeatable process for your business using one system, making it easy for everyone–admin, operations, agents, and rainmaker–to prioritize clients and manage daily operations.

  • Manage your entire team effortlessly in one system, including an app that syncs with your CRM
  • Know exactly where your business stands with tracking and reporting
  • Never miss a deadline with automated transaction and task management
  • Easily build relationships with appointment scheduling and automated follow-ups
  • Increase repeat and referral business with sales and marketing automation
  • Impress clients with a Client Portal that shows them everything you are doing to earn your commission

"It's the best CRM I’ve ever had"

It’s that good of a system that as a rainmaker I can do absolutely nothing and my admin team handles it all on their own. And they love it. My team members rave about the system and how easy it is to use. It’s the best CRM I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried many.

Beth Samberg, Real Estate Rainmaker & Brivity Client

Capture high-quality leads with a branded, high-converting website

Never miss an opportunity to make an impression with a beautiful, customizable website that converts leads, syncs them right into your database, and engages in seconds with smart automation.

  • Catch their eye with beautiful mobile-friendly, IDX-enabled website designs
  • Generate hot seller leads with home valuation pages
  • Thrill sellers with single property landing pages
  • Get the highest conversion rate with special landing pages

"The return on investment has been incredible"

Brivity generates a TON of business for my team with its lead generation tools and auto plans that allow our agents to respond the moment a lead fills out a form on our Brivity website. The return on investment has been incredible.

Matt Fetick, Owner & CEO, The Matt Fetick Team

Create stunning CMAs that land you more signed contracts

Show potential sellers your expertise and prove you’re the agent that can sell their home in record time using built-in Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) integrations.

  • Turn listing presentations into seller contracts with beautiful branded CMA reports
  • Price homes correctly the first time using rich MLS data and the 5-5-5 strategy 
  • Stay in touch with all your seller leads with automations that continually put your brand front and center
  • Earn more referral business by delivering transparency during the transaction process with a dedicated Client Portal

"Thank you Brivity!!"

Just signed a listing with a Brivity CMA lead! Thank you Brivity!!

Joey Allen Finrow, Real Estate Agent & Brivity Client

Showcase your expertise with valuable real estate reports that keep everyone informed

Deliver highly sought-after information to buyers and sellers about their local real estate market so they know when to make a move.

  • Prove your real estate expertise with detailed Market Reports
  • Empower buyers to make a move fast with up-to-date Listing Alerts
  • Know exactly what properties buyer leads are viewing and start the right conversation
  • Narrow down potential seller leads with reporting insights and reach out at the right time

"Loving Brivity more and more every day!"

Brivity Market Reports are pure magic! Two nights ago, I set up 50 new Market Reports— today. I have a $1.3 Million listing appointment set. Loving Brivity more and more every day!

Zarif Sahin, Real Estate Agent & Brivity Client

Maximize your lead gen with optimized marketing tactics that deliver results

Hire our in-house advertising experts to generate high-quality leads and maximize your ad spend and ROI.

  • Amplify your lead gen with PPC, Facebook, retargeting, and remarketing display ads that deliver high-quality leads
  • Find your leads’ dream home faster with single property retargeting ads that learn with lead engagement
  • Spend smarter with remarketing ads that target everyone who visits your website
  • Drive sellers to your home valuation page and convert with automatic follow-up plans
  • Capture good contact info with forced registration forms that sync into your CRM
  • Know what conversation to have with property viewing data that shows you exactly what clients are looking for

"we are at over 800% ROI for our leads"

Just a few months in and we are at over 800% ROI for our leads.

Justin Pulliam, Real Estate Agent & Brivity Client

Generate on-demand marketing materials & ads in a heartbeat

Advertise instantly using hundreds of design templates branded to you and save design time with built-in marketing tools.

  • Generate postcards, flyers, social media ads, and more with one click
  • Put your brand in their hands with beautiful print postcards
  • Engage your farm with a special message on a stunning flyer
  • Always send the right message to the right house with AI-targeted address lists
  • Get results with social media ads that deliver your ROI

"It's truly a time saver!"

I’m a newer agent, just moved and only had two listings. My business was at a standstill. I began using Brivity Marketer postcards and my business took off. It’s truly a time saver! Brivity knows who to target with AI technology, so I’m not wasting my money or energy!

Ashley Adair, Real Estate Agent & Brivity Client

CRM + CMA + Website + Transaction Management + Lead Gen + Marketing

Brivity Platform is the all-in-one cutting-edge technology suite that guarantees success