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The Most Powerful Ad Campaigns For Buyer and Seller Real Estate Lead Generation

Designed & Optimized By Digital Real Estate Ad Experts

Our selection of high-converting customization tools makes you stand out from the competition online. Take control of every part of your website to build your specific brand, or have our best-in-class designers do it for you.

Our ROI for Brivity Connect has been 10.4X (or 1037.96%) and we are just getting started. We also had an accepted contract written for one of our Brivity Connect leads four days after they registered.

Jacqueline Smith

Keller Williams, Vancouver, WA

We have just started Brivity Connect! Three of my buyer agents have already thanked me for the big increase in new needs. They say the best part is the leads really want to talk to them! We are looking forward to better conversion and more sales!

Ken Adams

Keller Williams, Clarksville, TN

Our goal with every real estate lead is your ROI

Tell us your budget or let our experts recommend an amount to hit your real estate leads goals. Don’t worry – we also spend your ad dollars as if they were our own.

Brivity does it all for you

Dynamic Lead Generation

Killer lead gen drives traffic to tools that capture the best leads

Customized Websites

Unique search sites differentiate you from the competition and keep leads coming back

Text Lead Capture

Get the highest quality buyer leads – they text your shortcode for property info, and you get their cell phone number

AI Powered Postcards

Get auto-generated, stunning listing postcards to send to targeted lists of people

High-quality real estate lead generation

How do you get the best real estate leads? We combine our marketing prowess with your local real estate expertise to create ads for every one of your listings. Carousel ad campaigns showcase multiple similar properties to your target audience, giving them the ultimate search experience. All of these real estate leads feed straight into your CRM. This enables you to get high-quality leads right from the start with Brivity.

Similar property retargeting

How does ad retargeting work? Every real estate lead in your database is shown properties that look like the first property they engaged with. Then the ad continues to learn from how they continue to engage with different properties they are shown. This enables you to find your leads’ dream home quicker with Brivity.

Brivity remarketing

Remember how that sweater you viewed on your favorite online store kept showing up on the other sites you visited? That’s how Brivity Remarketing Display Ads works. These targeted ads are shown to everyone who visits your website, plus your entire Brivity CRM database. They see your brand on major websites like the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and ESPN and aps like Facebook, Instagram and Candy Crush, until they’re ready to buy or sell. This enables you to spend smarter and more strategically with Brivity.

Pay per click (PPC)

Understanding your home’s value is an essential part of homeownership. With Brivity PPC you can drive sellers to a home valuation landing page on your Brivity Website and empower them to stay informed. The seven data points on the lead form help you hone in on their exact needs with Brivity. 

Capture better contact info

Is your real estate CRM full of bad numbers? It doesn’t have to be. Our Lead Registration Forms make it easy for you to get a good phone number. Plus, the capture forms automatically create an account for your lead on your website. This gives you the best real estate lead contact information and tools to track their activity immediately with Brivity.

Make smarter calls

Do you wish you knew what types of properties a real estate lead was interested in before you called them? With your Brivity Leads dashboard, you’ll know exactly what properties your leads are viewing and when they’re looking! Data like this gives your team valuable insights to prompt calls at the right time with the right message with Brivity.

Add value with your follow-up

Do you wish you had more meaningful ways to connect with your real estate leads? It’s easy to stay top of mind, showcase your expertise, and add value to your leads’ home search with Brivity Market Reports and Listing Alerts. These tools are the ultimate “set it and forget it” strategy to nurture and convert your real estate leads automatically with Brivity.

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