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How Christin Went from $16M to $42M While Reducing Overhead

Northern Arizona’s Christin Kingsbury jokes that she was born in a real estate office. As a daughter of real estate agents, she’s always understood the dedication required to build a lasting business. Christin went on to explore a career as a middle school teacher before finding her way to the industry that runs in her blood – real estate.


  • Christin Kingsbury Group
  • Keller Williams Arizona Realty
  • Prescott, AZ
  • 6 Agents + 1 Full Time Brivity VA


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Pain Points before Brivity

  • Reducing expenses and overhead
  • Identifying proven leverage-building processes
  • Scaling without losing money

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The Cost of Multiple Software Solutions

Christin Kingsbury has served over 1,000 clients since 2008 but faced an ongoing concern – she didn’t have a streamlined technology system to manage her growing business. She patiently experimented with various CRMs, IDX, and communication systems, but efficiency felt limited with each combination of platforms.

Christin patched those holes with even more technology subscriptions. Suddenly, her business faced bloated overhead.

“It was a nightmare to manage and pay for multiple programs,” Christin said.

That’s when she turned to Brivity, which Christin says simplifies her business with scalable processes. “I have yet to see another platform that’s all inclusive of all the pieces in this industry – marketing, client communication, market reports, listing alerts, website, CRM, and outstanding support,” Christin said.

Tapping into Proven Systems

Beyond reducing costs and allowing her to scale seamlessly, Christin also understands the value in using an all-in-one solution developed and perfected by industry leaders with similar paint points. Brivity is a real estate company first and a tech company second because its Founder, Ben Kinney, is a top real estate agent and industry leader who is personally involved in new developments.

“As the market changes, Brivity is always ahead of it,” Christin said. “I’ve never seen a company that jumps in, solves problems, and truly cares as Brivity does for real estate agents. They’re well connected with industry leaders across the country and quickly implement updates that match the real world.”

Brivity’s regular updates aren’t designed to fix existing bugs and glitches, but enhancements based on feedback from Brivity users and insight from their executive leadership who are also in the industry.

“I’ve never seen a company that jumps in, solves problems, and truly cares as Brivity does for real estate agents.”

The Importance of Standing Out

Thanks to automated communication, timeline updates, and transparent access to every step of the transaction processes available via Brivity, the Christin Kingsbury Group has seen a huge uptick in client satisfaction. In a time where agents aren’t always accredited for the value they provide in the transaction process and beyond, Christin understands that consumer visibility is of the utmost importance.

“It reminds clients of why they need us and the value we provide, as most consumers don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes,” Christin said.

Building a Big Business with Brivity

With her technology problems solved by Brivity, Christin also had time to address an ongoing staffing issue.

Prior to Brivity, Christin had two full-time administrative employees, each costing $60,000 to $70,000 per year. After a few attempts to hire a virtual assistant by herself, Christine turned to Brivity VA and was given a talent needs assessment, screened candidates, and new hire training.

“I realized that I wasn’t an expert on hiring talent,” said Christin. “The Brivity recruitment team is trained by the best in the industry to identify, hire, and train the best talent. They removed the guesswork from finding the right person for my business.”

The new hire from Brivity VA replaced both full-time administrative employees to reduce expenses while she increased her sales volume to $42 million per year.

The Brivity Difference

With the exception of open house leads, Shonna entrusts Brivity as the team’s sole lead generation resource. When asked about her favorite feature of the platform, Christin was quick to respond. “The people,” she said. “You can have great technology, but if you don’t have someone to call for help, what good is it? The relationships I’ve built with the Brivity team have hugely impacted my success.”

Christin’s Favorite Feature of Brivity – “The People”!

Christin also loves that the people behind the tech do more than communicate updates with the agent users. Brivity software specialists are invested in agent success and make themselves available for support, and even engage in the private Masterminds Facebook group that allows the entire community to interact and learn from each other.

Scaling Her Business

Now that her business is operating smoothly and she’s not caught up in tangled systems, Christin can refocus on the future – scaling her team and developing talent.

In June 2022, she partnered with PLACE, Brivity’s brokerage-agnostic sister platform that embeds Brivity into the PLACE platform with business solutions like human resources, legal support, accounting, and more. She still uses one platform for everything, just with even more resources provided by PLACE. With Brivity at the heart of PLACE tech, Christin has limitless opportunities to scale her team and income.

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