Brivity Success Stories | Fred Sed

How Fred Doubled His Team’s Sales Volume & GCI with Brivity

As a third generation REALTOR®, Fred Sed has experienced the ups and downs of real estate over the past 18 years. He’s used various platforms and always hoped to find a solution to handle the lifecycle of a consumer.


  • Fred Sed Group
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • S. CA (five offices covering Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties)
  • 20 agents, 3 staff members, and 4 Brivity VAs

  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity VA
  • Brivity lead gen
Pain Points before Brivity

  • Using multiple platforms for systems and operations
  • Finding the right tools for a scaling business
  • Managing workload and processes for VAs

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Beginning to End Solution

From generating a lead that automatically feeds into a central platform, cultivating those relationships, managing transactions, and nurturing past clients for referrals and future real estate transactions, Fred finally found an all-in-one solution in Brivity.

“When you have close to 30 people monitoring and working in one platform from lead generation through closing and beyond, Brivity simplifies things from a system standpoint.”


Communications and consistent systems across a larger team are often challenging. Brivity offered Fred’s team “one language” – from start to finish.

“Everything we talk about is Brivity, from beginning to end,” says Fred. “It makes agent training and development easier, all while streamlining communication with our clients.”

This consistency has allowed Fred to grow and scale his team from just two agents to his present count of 20 agents, three operations staff members, and four virtual assistants. He says he’s just getting started and believes that Brivity is the platform to support his growth to a few hundred agents and thousands of transactions annually.

Hybrid Virtual

The consistency Brivity offered has also helped Fred build and maintain a hybrid virtual operations team. With his director of operations and transaction coordinator based in house, he was able to bring on four virtual assistants (VAs) based in the Philippines to handle all documentation and compliance with the help of Brivity’s auto plan checklists.

Fred credits this hybrid model with allowing him to scale more efficiently while keeping overhead low, which in turn, has allowed him to invest back into his business.

Brivity VA Benefits

Leveraging virtual assistants has always been part of Fred’s business, even before Fred started using Brivity.

Once Fred learned about the benefits Brivity offered their VAs, like retirement bonuses, health benefits, and ongoing training, he started moving his independent VAs over to Brivity. To no surprise, his team of VAs have been thrilled with the opportunity to join the Brivity VA team.

Brivity VA offered me a retention tool for my VAs that I wasn’t able to offer on our own.

Top Features of Brivity

When asked what his one favorite feature of Brivity was, Fred shared three.

The first is Brivity Market Reports. Fred believes that providing homeowners the value of their home, their neighbors’ home, along with recently sold listings is critical to establishing local expertise when competing with national third-party syndication websites.

The second is Transaction Management within the Brivity CRM, which is the first Brivity product Fred started with back in 2014.

By activating auto plans for buyer and seller transactions, Fred and his team have dramatically improved communication and customer satisfaction. “Auto plans enabled us to improve client satisfaction because we had automated emails and texts going out at every phase or milestone of a transaction.”

And the last feature Fred cites is the lead management aspect of Brivity. As someone who invests heavily in lead generation, he needed a marketing platform that could automatically respond and route from various lead sources, which ultimately helped streamlined his business. With each lead source assigned to a specific Brivity auto plan, he knows that every lead receives a customized response and follow through from his team.

“It’s easy to use. Our agents know when to call and who to call. Brivity allows us to follow up on leads quickly and generate more business.“

Bar Set for Service

In Fred’s almost twenty years of working with real estate tech companies, he says the team and service provided by everyone at Brivity impresses him daily. And, he believes this attitude of service comes directly from Ben Kinney, Brivity’s founder, who leads by example and sets the bar for the entire team at Brivity.

“I don’t know of another tech company founder that would provide their cell number in a private mastermind group. Ben has done this when an issue is announced or even when offering to answer questions.”

Growth Platform

Consistently generating over $120M in sales annually and $3 million in GCI, Fred is quick to give credit for his success to Brivity and his partnership with PLACE.

“The Brivity platform is everything. My entire business runs on it and it makes our lives a lot easier. If we didn’t have it, there’s no way we would have experienced this level of growth over the past few years.”

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