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How the Gene Arant Team Creates Clients for Life

For nearly three decades, the Gene Arant Team has proven that clients prefer agents who are lifetime advisors. Gene Arant’s business has led locals through generations of market shifts while also serving the 100+ people moving to Austin, Texas every day.

With such a long list of clients, Gene must have the resources that help him build the strongest, long-term relationships.


  • The Gene Arant Team
  • Keller Williams – Lake Travis
  • Austin, TX
  • 6 Agents + 3 ISAs

  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity Lead Gen

Pain Points before Brivity

  • Multiple systems
  • Labor reduction without risk
  • Lead generation

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Long-time Real Estate Business Faces Tech Challenges

Prior to Brivity, Gene relied on multiple technology platforms for his team’s website, customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, and project management. The combination of platforms was too tangled for Gene to see a clear path to business growth, and he and his agents spent countless hours filling in gaps between systems. Most importantly, all the juggling challenged the team’s mission of serving every client for a lifetime.

Reduce Overhead

In fall 2021, Gene found himself at a fork in the road – hire another transaction coordinator or find a better technology solution.

Gene was aware of Brivity, but it was the team’s Director of Operations Blair Cody who brought Brivity back into Gene’s sight. Blair saw the Brivity technology stack come to life in the hands of another team, and described the benefit of plugging into a platform structured specifically for real estate teams to automate transaction management and client communication. Blair immediately knew that the Gene Arant Team’s challenges could be resolved and client satisfaction would skyrocket with one platform — Brivity.

An Easy to Use, All-in-One Platform

Today, the Gene Arant Team’s back end operations are streamlined with one Brivity login, eliminating the team’s use of multiple CRMs and project management platforms. Plus, 75% of their daily tasks are automated.

“Brivity is a game changer that opens up a whole new world of clarity,” Blair said. “The client managers love it too. They no longer go back and forth between systems, inputting data multiple times. They have one location for everything.”

“Brivity is a game changer that opens up a whole new world of clarity.”

Gene’s agents now receive alerts that prioritize every file’s tasks for the day and then send updates to clients. Daily tasks like activating a new listing on the MLS are automated to trigger communication to the listing agent that the property is live, which eliminates the hassle of having to manually communicate this multiple times to each party.

“We’re no longer duplicating processes every day for each transaction,” Blair said. “We don’t have to do the hundreds of tasks it takes to get from contract to close. Brivity saves us time.”

Instant ROI with Brivity Leads

Gene was also drawn to Brivity because of the specialized lead generation programs. With these easily integrated into Gene’s account, the guesswork of strategic lead targeting disappeared. The program automatically targeted local online sellers who were searching for their home’s value in Gene’s market. Brivity also helped identify potential sellers who would be unreachable through traditional lead generation methods.

And as a listing first real estate team, Gene knows the importance of focusing on sellers. “We believe that if you control the listings, you control the leads, which results in more sellers and buyers,” Gene said.

Within the first month of Brivity’s lead program, the team closed a transaction with a client who was discovered via the program. That transaction paid the cost of the Brivity platform and the leads program that connected them with that new client.

After just seven months of leveraging Brivity, the Gene Arant team saw a five-to-one return on their investment. Brivity proved to be more than a solution – it’s a driving force behind Gene’s growing business.

The Personal Support of Brivity

Brivity offers a range of personalized touches that keep Gene’s team top of mind. Subscribers enjoy the weekly Happy Hour, a casual online space for agents to “lunch and learn.” They also have access to a private Facebook Mastermind group of trainers, Brivity executives, and founder Ben Kinney, a top agent who closes over 10,000 transactions annually.

“It’s a great place to pop in and use as a sounding board for work stuff or questions about Brivity,” Blair said.

Brivity tech support is also easily accessible and values agents’ experience as the platform’s users.

“If you reach out with a question that can’t be solved with an existing feature, they’ll find a workaround for you,” Blair said. “And when they say they’re working on it, it won’t be ready in several months – the feature is typically ready in a few weeks.”

Why Consumers Love Brivity

With the Brivity Client Portal and automatic updates, clients who work with the Gene Arant Team see their property’s real-time progress and the detailed processes being completed by their agent behind the scenes.

“It’s important that clients see the long checklists of what it takes to launch their home, what we do while it’s on the market, and all the steps we take when it’s under contract,” Gene said.

“It’s important that clients see the long checklists of what it takes to launch their home, what we do while it’s on the market, and all the steps we take when it’s under contract.”

Soon, Gene’s business rating and reviews jumped to five stars, partially due to Brivity’s automated client email plans that encourage clients to post a review.

The tech transparency for clients has led to a dramatic increase in positive reviews that Gene says, “are a lot easier to earn with Brivity.”

With hours of agents’ tasks eliminated by Brivity, Gene’s team can refocus their personal attention on their mission to foster and nurture client relationships for life.

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