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How Jason Leveraged Brivity Automation for 20% Y-o-Y Growth

Jason Matt began his career as a Project Engineer in the automotive and telecommunications industries and after 9/11, he started dabbling in real estate. He quickly found success, went full time, and is now consistently ranked as one of the top real estate teams in Michigan (RealTrends).

  • Jason Matt Team
  • EXP Realty, LLC
  • Novi, MI
  • Two buyers agents, Ops Mgr, and a VA

  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity lead gen
Pain Points before Brivity

  • Multiple platforms for systems and operations
  • High technology costs
  • Uncertainty on best practices and processes

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Enter Brivity

Jason first became aware of Brivity after hearing Ben Kinney, Brivity’s Founder and RealTrends top ranked Mega Agent, speak at an industry event.

“I saw the success [Ben] had, where he came from, and I thought, ‘This guy is very similar to me and he’s created exactly what I’m looking for.’”

Jason was intrigued with how Ben’s processes and systems enabled him to handle 2,000 transactions with just two admins working within the Brivity system in 2014. The idea of growing his business while keeping his staffing consistent was what he dreamed of, so he knew he needed to give Brivity a chance.

Skeptical Optimism

When Jason first joined Brivity in 2014, he was doubtful that everything could work together in unison.

“I tried for a long time to poke holes in Brivity and thought, ‘There’s no way it can do everything.’”

At the time, he was managing multiple programs for his CRM, website, texting, and email. With one system handling client follow-up and another handling text campaigns, Jason spent his time and energy managing systems instead of revenue-generating activities like leading and selling.

Jason vividly remembers Ben Kinney telling him, “You don’t need all this other junk, Brivity does it all.”

“That was very exciting to hear, but I was leery. Why wouldn’t everybody do this?”

Taking the advice from Ben and others leaders at Brivity, Jason finally dropped all other systems and opted for the proven and cohesive systems of Brivity.

Savings Realized with Brivity

Eliminating redundant marketing programs immediately increased Jason Matt’s bottom line. And, his business began operating more efficiently with automated processes and systems, saving him time to devote to generating more business.

By activating Brivity’s auto plans, prospects are automatically contacted via text or email with creative messaging developed and used by other top real estate agents.

“Brivity allowed us to follow up more systematically and eliminated clients falling through the cracks. When you can add three to five plus deals each month that you probably would have lost in a system of sticky notes, it makes a big difference.”

Outreach Doubled

One of the biggest challenges of any sales job, including real estate, is determining where to spend your time to create the biggest return-on-investment (ROI).

Jason says, “The worst part of real estate is you wake up every day unemployed, wondering, ‘What should I do today?’”

Brivity helped Jason solve this age-old problem by creating a daily task list tied to an integrated dialer that automatically logs call action and forwards the user to the next task or call. If the contact is part of an auto plan, Brivity also includes a script and dialogue that caters to each client’s unique situation.

“I can log into Brivity anytime and know exactly what I need to do, who I have to call, what to say, and when I should call them next”, says Jason.

The results are undeniable.

“Brivity has helped me double the people I talk to and has changed how I do business for the better.”

Managing Business

Jason credits Brivity for enabling him to finally work “ON” his business instead of “IN” his business by being able to see and manage everything in one place.

“Brivity gave me a 500-foot-view of my business where I can see everything, from what my buyers’ agents are doing, to what my admins are working on. And more importantly, I know what they’re behind on, so I can help them catch up and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.”

He also credits Brivity with helping him become a better leader and developing his team’s culture. Now, Jason is able to instantly provide feedback when someone is struggling or give kudos in areas they’re excelling.

Created by an agent for agents

The idea for Brivity started from a top agent finding and wanting to fill a void in the industry. Ben Kinney needed a program to communicate effectively with clients and prospects and launched Brivity in 2013. In the past decade, Brivity has grown from a transaction management-focused CRM to the first open real estate platform that connects everything under one login.

“Brivity was developed for agents by an agent. Everyone at Brivity is in the trenches and dealing with real life situations selling real estate.”

The benefits of a real estate first platform are paying off for Jason, “I couldn’t do the amount of business I do without the Brivity system. Year over year, I continue to see 15-to-20% growth without increasing headcount, and I attribute a lot of this to Brivity.”

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