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Massive growth with Brivity to launching a new brokerage

Top agent and broker Nick Schauble of Peoria, Illinois grew up in real estate. Until he was old enough to earn his license, he gained invaluable real estate experience working at his mom’s brokerage as a transaction coordinator and listing manager all while serving as a project manager at his dad’s construction company.


  • Royal Realty
  • Independent
  • Peoria, IL


  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity Lead Gen
Pain Points before Brivity

  • Using multiple platforms for systems and operations
  • Identifying proven tools to run a scaling business
  • Lack of automation

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Leveraging automation for growth

While working alongside his mom, Christine Schauble of Schauble Realty, Nick focused on system improvements and his own personal production. As the brokerage production grew, Nick knew they needed to leverage technology for continued growth and efficiency. After seeing a Brivity demo in 2017, Nick finally found the answers he was looking for and went all in with the Brivity Platform.

As an early adopter of Brivity’s Auto Plans, Nick developed hundreds of automations over the years to reduce redundant tasks, increase communications, and improve client satisfaction.

“When you don’t rely on automation you bounce all over the place. You’re trying to call a seller here and handle a pending listing over there. Whether you’re a solo agent or part of a team, everyone is pulled in different directions with responsibilities,” says Nick.
Nick credits the systems and processes within the Brivity Platform with being able to manage upwards of 70 transactions at one time and still having time for personal production. The same goes for their brokerage’s remarkable growth, which ranged from 2X to 5X annually, without incurring additional hiring costs. With Schauble Realty’s high-producing and efficient agents leveraging Brivity, the team was able to focus on selling more homes.

Reducing manpower

With Schauble Realty seeing massive growth, they found themselves in need of additional administrative help. After interviewing numerous quality candidates, Nick realized the ideal candidates were a bit too expensive for their small, local brokerage. Armed with this motivation, he doubled down and added more automations to handle many of the tasks they had hoped to offload.

By leveraging Brivity’s Auto Plans, Nick was able to create an AI-like office assistant to check in with leads periodically via text or email based on rules he created. Once the prospect responded, a live person is notified to reach out.

“Brivity does all the hard work for me. It frees up my time and allows me to focus on other areas in our business,” says Nick.

Launching a new brokerage with Brivity

Early in Nick’s real estate career he began the process of outlining his dream brokerage. To start, he wanted top-producing agents synonymous with good ethics and moral standards. He also wanted to attract team members with strong family values, faith in something larger than themselves, and a desire to give back to their communities.

Fast forward 15 years and Nick made the tough decision to breakaway from the family business to start his own brokerage, Royal Realty. And, he credits the Brivity Platform with playing a major role in his new brokerage concept and the technology-forward value proposition that helped him recruit top agents.

The amount of tools Brivity offers me, my agents, and our clients is outstanding and supports our goal of being fully transparent and educating clients. Brivity is a catalyst for making that happen.

Creating a high touch concierge system

Whether Nick was overseeing systems and operations with Schauble Realty or launching his new brokerage, Royal Realty, the communications goals are the same. Each client should have a positive experience with consistent messaging throughout the real estate transaction. By utilizing Brivity’s Auto Plans and the Brivity client portal, Nick has the tools to make this happen.

“Whether you’re buying a million dollar house or a $10,000 house, the messaging should be consistent,” says Nick.

Providing a high-touch experience for clients has paid off with dozens of clients leaving five star reviews. And, the best part – clients are prompted to leave reviews through an automated process that is part of Nick’s concierge system powered by Brivity, generating referral business without hassle.

Tools to manage your business

One of Nick’s favorite features of Brivity is its reporting dashboards. He can easily set goals, quickly monitor growth trends, review agent activities, or even view lead sources. The various dashboards offered by Brivity provide Nick access to detailed reporting so he can keep a pulse on his business and adapt when necessary.

“Prior to Brivity we relied heavily on Google sheets to track business stats, which was not scalable,” says Nick.

Catalyst for growth

Nick attributes Brivity to being a critical part of growing his businesses.

“There’s no way we would have accomplished everything without Brivity. It was the backbone for my previous business and it’s the backbone for my new brokerage.”

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