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How Shonna Built the #1 Team in Montana

Since adding the Brivity Platform, Shonna’s growth has been impressive. In her team’s first year, they were in the top five for their MLS. In their second and third years they moved into the top three. And for the past two years they were the number one team for the entire state of Montana (RealTrends 2021-22).


  • Shonna Key Team
  • Freedom Real Estate, Independent
  • Bozeman, MT
  • 10+ agents


  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity Lead Gen

Pain Points before Brivity

  • Using multiple platforms for systems and operations
  • Identifying proven success tools to run a scaling business

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Starting Over in a New State

After running a successful brokerage and leading a team for 12 years, Shonna Ruble relocated to Montana in 2018 with only a handful of local contacts. As Shonna moved her operations to a new state, she wanted to be able to scale her business and knew that she needed technology to make communication to her clients easier.

Enter Brivity.

From Multiple Platforms to One

Before plugging her business into Brivity, Shonna felt like her business systems were “duct-taped together” because her team used multiple platforms for lead generation, CRM, and the website. After embedding Brivity into her business, her team saw the guaranteed success evidenced by Brivity’s creator, Ben Kinney, a top-producing agent who completes over 10,000 transactions annually. “I was aware Ben Kinney created Brivity and that his teams use the same platform, and I trusted that if he believed in the product and was a part of it, I should look into it.”

In July 2018, Shonna seamlessly implemented the platform to streamline her business operations.

Competitive Advantage with Clients

Starting out in a brand new market, Shonna also realized that she needed to illustrate her unique value proposition to new potential clients. Her team showcases Brivity tools on an iPad at every listing appointment, highlighting how Brivity elevates their home’s marketing and streamlines communication with potential buyers.

“We have a 98% close rate when we get in front of a home seller and review how we’ll market with Brivity technology,” Shonna said. “Our customers love the transparency of Brivity and the client portal because they see everything behind the scenes.”

“We have a 98% close rate when we get in front of a home seller and review how we’ll market with Brivity technology.”

Agent Recruitment & Development

Shonna uses a similar approach to recruit new agents, showing them the backend of Brivity so they can see how the systems free up time to focus on generating new business. By incorporating Brivity into their pitch, the team regularly attracts talent – 10 agents are expected to join the team next month alone.

Brivity’s reporting features also allow Shonna to “inspect what she expects” from the team’s activity and identify specific areas for improvement. “When my agents are working their leads, I can easily run a report and then display the holes in their processes so they can address them.”

Plus, the team’s time spent on tasks is dramatically reduced by automating manual processes through the Brivity Platform. Shonna maintains one transaction coordinator across her entire team who leverages the transaction management tools included in Brivity.

Improved Customer Experience

Shonna also reports that her customer success ratings are at a record high as a result of the transparency offered by Brivity and the client portal. “Our customers love the back end of Brivity where they can see everything that’s going on.”

Their team goal is to have a 80% success rating with clients from follow-up surveys, and they are averaging over 90% success rate with clients today.

Improved Lead Generation and Profitability

With the exception of open house leads, Shonna entrusts Brivity as the team’s sole lead generation resource. In the first half of 2022, Brivity generated nearly 700 leads for Shonna’s team. Through retargeting and remarketing programs, they gained 175 more leads and over 6,500 returning visitors to the Shonna Key Team’s website.

The results have paid off for the team, who now benefit from a cost savings of 50% or more over other common advertising avenues for agents, including Google and Facebook.“Our profit margins are huge because we don’t have all these other platforms that are costing us money each month,” said Shonna.

In 2021, the Shonna Key Team generated $1.2 million dollars in gross commission income (GCI) and is on track to reach $2 million in GCI in 2022. Just as impressive is the average take-home for Shonna’s agents at $137,000 per year. “Our agents are closing at least two transactions a month,” Shonna said. “After commission splits and additional deductions, they each take home $137,000 annually.”

“After commission splits and additional deductions, they each take home $137,000 annually.”

Number One Real Estate Team in Montana

Since embedding the Brivity Platform into her business, the guesswork of Shonna’s business has disappeared, and her growth is exponential.

In her team’s first year with Brivity, they ranked in the top five for their regional MLS and then rose to the top three the following year. Most recently, the Shonna Key Team was named the no. 1 large team in the state of Montana, per RealTrends America’s Top Teams 2022.

When Shonna was asked what drove her success and growth over the past four years, she said simply, “That’s easy. Brivity, hands down.”

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