Brivity Success Stories | Louis & Nicole Williams

How the Williams Team Relaunched Their Business Fast with Brivity

After closing out a banner year in 2019 with close to 300 units sold, Louis and Nicole Williams decided to take a step back from real estate and downsized their team and business. However, after a few years of being semi-retired, they felt drawn back to the industry.

  • The Williams Team
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • New Orleans Metro Area
  • 5+ agents, plus three VAs


  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity VA

Pain Points before Brivity

  • Using multiple platforms for systems and operations
  • Lack of automation & operating efficiencies
  • Sourcing quality team members

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Going All-in with Brivity

Louis and Nicole understood the importance of technology in scaling their re-launched business. They ultimately decided to leverage Brivity’s proven real estate systems after learning the philosophy of its founder and real estate mega agent, Ben Kinney, who developed the platform to power his own top-producing, national team.

“Brivity has been a godsend. In the first 90 days of launching, we’ve changed just about every aspect of our business operations because of it.”

From a Glorified Phonebook to a Platform Solution

From a system perspective, Louis and Nicole’s previous CRM was “just a glorified phone book” that lacked intuitive, automated tools to connect with past customers and prospects. It also required them to create two separate systems to effectively work different types of clients – one exclusively for buyer leads and the other for seller leads.

When a buyer closed, they were forced to manually move the contact over to the second system. Along with being highly manual, the CRM did not offer them an easy way to reach out to clients consistently, nor did it allow their team to see the client’s full history.

Onboarding to the Brivity Platform solved all these problems and so much more. The Williams team finally had everything housed in a central location to allow their entire team to operate more seamlessly.

“We’re able to communicate completely within the Brivity Platform – from the moment a lead comes into Brivity until it closes, to nurturing a past client for repeat and referral business. Everyone is able to see everything that occurs for each contact record,” says Nicole.

Strategic Client Communication

With Louis and Nicole finally on a comprehensive real estate marketing platform, they are able to implement customer lifecycle marketing strategies.

In the past, Louis couldn’t physically keep up with reaching out to all of his clients, expired listings, and prospects. By activating Brivity’s auto plans, he now has a defined strategy to email, text, and/or call his database along with proven messaging designed to convert contacts at a high level.

“I love the continuous communications offered by Brivity – the system is constantly working our database. This is what I’ve always hoped to have in a CRM and a lot of other companies have promised this. I can’t tell you how excited I am to partner with a company that can deliver on this promise.”

Tripled the Number of Calls

One of the largest challenges in real estate is physically connecting with clients. The Williams team knows that the more conversations they have with past clients and prospects, the greater the likelihood of closing more business.

With the efficiencies offered through the Brivity Platform, Louis is now completing 300 to 400 dials in just a few hours, speaking with between 60 to 90 contacts. “Everything is seamless. I can just pull a call list, go from screen to screen, and make notes along the way,” says Louis.

In comparison, Louis’ previous CRM might have resulted in about 100 calls on a good day, still tasked with manually adding call notes to contact records.

“My efficiency is through the roof with Brivity. I now have more time for appointments, negotiating contracts, and other activities that will grow my business.”

Sourcing the Right Team Members Fast

Challenged with ramping up a team quickly, the Williams knew finding team members with a proven track record in real estate would be difficult. With the help of Brivity VA, they quickly added three experienced virtual assistants to handle all administrative tasks for their team.

The first VA they sourced focuses on new listings, coming soon, listings agreements, and going live on the market. With years of experience in real estate and the Brivity Platform, this VA was also able to create the systems and processes for marketing new listings, transaction coordination, and numerous other projects.

Their second VA focuses on promoting the listing online and after it’s sold. From social media to leveraging Brivity’s built-in tools, they handle all aspects of marketing. And since the first VA developed the marketing plans for the Williams team, he was able to train the new Marketing VA on how to implement.

The final VA handles everything related to the listing once it goes under contract. From coordinating the transaction all the way to closing. And once it closes, the marketing VA picks back to market as “just sold.

By quickly adding three quality VAs, the Williams team successfully ramped up their business fast and at a significant cost savings. And just as important as the front line VAs, the team supporting their VAs has been a valuable resource. From arranging additional training to helping research best practices on implementing new technology, “Brivity VA has freed us up so we can work on what’s important,” says Nicole.

Delivering on Their Mission Statement

Louis and Nicole’s long-standing mission statement of “fulfilling dreams by consulting, communicating, and caring for the needs of others to improve and impact lives” was a challenge to fulfill due to technology constraints. With the addition of the Brivity Platform through their partnership with PLACE, they’re finally able to provide their clients the level of service that aligns with their brand promise.

“Our customer service is through the roof. We’re able to touch and talk to so many more people in a positive manner.”

Slow Death to a Fresh Start

Before partnering with PLACE and onboarding with Brivity, Louis felt that he was “having a slow death with real estate” despite consistently closing a record number of deals and being the number one team in the region for many years running.

The Brivity Platform offered the Williams’ updated methodologies to running their business. The systems and processes have “force-fed me to do things differently which has changed my perspective on how I do business,” says Louis. “I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel within just the first 90 days!”

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