Lead Generation

Capture, connect and convert high-quality leads with Brivity

There are millions of people searching for real estate online. Be sure homebuyers and sellers find you, first!

Brivity’s lead generation services are available with the Brivity Platform, the all-in-one real estate platform that provides you with the tools and automation to guarantee success! With decades of experience in real estate digital marketing, Brivity generates the best quality leads for the lowest amount of money so you can get back to doing what you do best – selling real estate. Every lead syncs right into your Brivity CRM, giving you insights about their viewing and search activity to ensure you send them the right message at the right time.

In just the first 20 days, we have received 148 leads. We have 9 hot leads, 15 nurturers, and 14 watches. Of the 9 hot leads, we have 5 agency agreements signed. I will take this all day long with a 25.67% communication rate. Our CPL with Brivity is over 50% less than I was spending with the other guys, and customer service has been outstanding.

Phil Slezak

eXp Realty, Cary, North Carolina

Brivity generates a TON of business for my team with lead gen tools and Auto Plans that allow our agents to respond the moment a lead fills out a form on our Brivity website. The return on investment has been incredible.

Matt Fetick

Owner of Matt Fetick Team, Pennsylvania

Real estate lead generation on steroids

We combine our marketing prowess with your local real estate expertise to create ads for your target audience designed to attract your perfect client and deliver those leads straight to your CRM.

Similar property ad retargeting

Automatically retarget your leads across the web with personalized listings based on their past search behavior, continually driving them back to your website and cementing your value proposition.

Remarketing ads

The right place at the right time. Brivity remarketing shows targeted ads to everyone who visits your website, plus your entire Brivity CRM database. Your ads appear on sites and apps like Facebook, Forbes, Candycrush, and thousands more to reinforce you’re the go-to agent and making your marketing budget look endless.

Pay per click (PPC)

Target homebuyers and sellers the moment they start their search online. Brivity’s decades of experience backed by data ensure we deliver the best ads giving you the best results.

Maximize your lead capture

Send leads to the best designed and highest converting websites in the industry. Brivity websites have expertly placed calls-to-action to ensure you capture the most leads and keep them coming back.

Make smarter calls

All leads are synced with your Brivity CRM to make follow-up a breeze. With all the data points collected in the lead gen forms, you will know your client needs–properties viewed, price point, amenities, and more–so that you’re having smarter conversations.

Add value with your follow-up

Connect with your real estate leads in a meaningful way with Brivity Market Reports and Listing Alerts to position yourself as the local expert.

Generating and converting high-quality leads doesn’t have to be hard

Share your goals and budget, and let our team of digital marketing experts deliver the highest quality real estate leads directly to your CRM – our formula wins you more leads for the least amount of money.

Discover how the Brivity Platform, an all-in-one real estate solution, can change your business today.

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