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How the #1 Team in New Hampshire Leverages Brivity for Growth

After 12 years in real estate, Adam Dow knew he needed to improve his operational processes to grow and scale his business.

  • Dow Realty Group
  • Keller Williams Coastal Lakes & Mountains Realty
  • State of New Hampshire
  • 25+ agents


  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity VA

Pain Points before Brivity

  • Finding a scalable solution
  • Identifying proven processes to gain leverage

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How it started

Adam first learned about Brivity at a conference in 2015 from Brivity’s Founder and Mega Agent, Ben Kinney. Adam was immediately intrigued with the CRM platform Ben was developing that offered an intuitive seller follow-up system.

“Providing automated seller feedback was one of the things that I really latched onto in the beginning with Brivity,” said Adam. “For example, an email goes out saying that we’ve received the deed or successfully tracked down the tax map. For all the details we manage that the clients don’t otherwise know about, Brivity brings it to their attention.”

Creating a Scalable Business

With the Brivity Platform, Adam finally had the tools to evaluate each of the detailed processes around his business. By leveraging Brivity’s auto plans, he could easily review the workflow of tasks and activities to make improvements.

“Brivity helped me determine what I should not be doing and allowed me to hire or delegate these tasks so I could focus on the things that really make me money.”

Auto plans also allowed Adam and his team to set assignment rules for administrative team members. With every task documented for a new listing, he now knows things are completed in a timely manner.

“Before Brivity, my admins were just sitting and waiting for me to give them their next assignment,” said Adam.

Not only did Brivity provide proven processes and systems for success, it also was a driving force for scaling his business. “If I have to tell someone what to do next, that’s not scalable. But putting an automated process in place for say, a price reduction or new listing – that’s scalable.”

Increased Efficiencies

Not only did Brivity offer Adam’s in-house team increased efficiency by eliminating duplicate tasks and processes, it also enabled them to effectively work with virtual assistants (VAs) located in different time zones.

“Brivity makes using a virtual assistant way more efficient.” said Adam, “Our VAs can start their day earlier because they know all the tasks that need to be done for the day by simply logging into Brivity and looking at their dashboard.”

For those considering adding a virtual assistant from Brivity, Adam shared that Brivity VAs come trained on the Brivity Platform and are able to immediately make an impact once they understand how your business operates.

Adam’s Favorite Feature of Brivity

Jason credits Brivity for enabling him to finally work “ON” his business instead of Outside of the processes of running his business more efficiently, Brivity’s market reports make the biggest impact on Adam’s business. The ability to see if prospects have opened an email or viewed the market report offer his team the opportunity to connect purposefully.

“Staying in touch with my most important clients or prospects who I have yet to meet by sending them something of real value, such as a market report, is so much better than mailing a calendar or recipe card.”

The People at Brivity

When asked what was the one thing he valued the most about Brivity, Adam was quick to respond – “Their commitment to their customer.”

“It’s evident that the people who work at Brivity love what they do.”

“It’s evident that the people who work at Brivity love what they do. If you go to one of their training calls, you’ll see first-hand just how excited they are about the product.”

And the commitment from the people at Brivity starts at the top. Adam shared that he was inspired to learn that Ben Kinney often donates all the money he earns from speaking at events to his charity. This influenced Adam to do the same at a successful luxury real estate training class he held, which resulted in almost $9,000 donated to his charity.

“I’ve learned from Ben and his team on both the technical side and the business leadership side, which is pretty cool.”

Developed by Real Estate Professionals

Plugging into Brivity offered Adam the ability to leverage an innovative marketing platform that was “developed by real estate pros who focus on solving actual real estate problems versus releasing fancy features just for the sake of it.”

Adam says the leaders at Brivity are, “some of the most creative people I know from a marketing and business standpoint who bring together innovation while emphasizing simplicity.”

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