Brivity Success Stories | Amanda Pohlman

Leveraging Systems to Scale & 2.5X Revenue

Amanda Pohlman needed a winning structure to scale her Northeast Ohio real estate team. Having never used a CRM before, Amanda chose Brivity. The platform’s proven models and systems gave her team tremendous results in less than two years. They scaled from six to 23 members, increased their transactions from 130 to 262, and witnessed their revenue grow from $30 million to $80 million.


  • The Amanda Pohlman Team
  • Keller Williams
  • Northeast Ohio
  • 18 agents, two Admin, plus three Brivity VAs

  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity VA
Pain Points before Brivity

  • Uncertainty on best practices and processes
  • Finding the right tools for a scaling business
  • Lack of automation

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Building a Winning Business Structure

As the rainmaker, a top priority for Amanda was having the tools and structure for long-term success. With Brivity’s proven models and systems, everyone – admin, agents, virtual assistants, and rainmakers – can work at a high-level, seamlessly communicate with leads and clients, and manage transactions all the way to close within one streamlined system.

“We had never used a CRM before Brivity. It changed our business,” said Amanda. “Being set up with an all-encompassing real estate platform keeps our database orderly. Not only are we able to communicate with clients, but within the team as well. Brivity gave us the leverage we never had before.”

Scaling for Success

Amanda and her Director of Operations were the first to onboard with Brivity. At the same time, they hired their first Brivity Virtual Assistant. Along with Brivity’s weekly training sessions, their virtual assistant (already trained in Brivity) sped up their learning curve by giving them the support they needed to maximize the platform’s features. As their achievements grew, so did their team, and they scaled from six to 23 members!

“We watched as our agents grew, the businesses grew, and more agents joined. Agents who plugged into Brivity right from the start had the most success and saw results quicker.”

Amanda’s Favorite Features

Brivity allows The Amanda Pohlman Team to maximize their time. At open houses, Brivity’s QR codes capture attendee information, automatically syncing into Brivity CRM, triggering follow-up automation, and sending Listing Alerts. And, Brivity Go’s built-in texting saves agents time by keeping communications all in one place and provides transparency for Amanda.

Setting and sharing appointments with clients and the ability to add meetings to a Google Calendar helps keep the team organized. At listing presentations, their secret weapon is using Brivity’s listing tab data to show potential sellers the number of buyers looking for properties like theirs.

“Brivity Platform helps our operations team and agents work at a high level and gives clients more transparency for what we do for them. With Brivity automatically working in the background, we are proving we are the best team to work with.”

More Time to Be the Rainmaker

With systems in place to manage leads and transactions, Amanda has moved from working in the business to working on the business. Focusing her attention on big-picture growth means she has more time to learn about Brivity and master its tech, which she then shares with the team.

Using the power of Brivity, I’ve made the move from transactions to growing my business, and now I have the leverage to do what I need to focus on – scaling, leading, and finding more opportunities for the team.

Made by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents

Brivity is the only all-in-one platform developed by a real estate agent for real estate agents. New features and improvements are regularly made and announced in the Brivity Masterminds Facebook group. Brivity users are encouraged to share their experiences with the platform and make suggestions for new features; many updates are made because of this feedback.

“I’m amazed at how much they listen and how much they are really doing the things that ordinary agents are trying to accomplish. It’s the best CRM out there, and it keeps getting better as Ben and his team make improvements based on the feedback from people actually using it.”

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