Brivity Success Stories | Bob Walsmith, Jr.

$200k to $2M+GCI – How Automation
Fueled Profitability for Bob Walsmith, Jr.

Armed with two engineering degrees, Bob Walsmith, Jr. knew that his detailed oriented personality and process focused mentality would be key to his success, which is what eventually led him to Brivity.


  • Bob Walsmith, Jr.
  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – CA Properties
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Solo agent

  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity VA (project based)
Pain Points before Brivity

  • Using multiple platforms for systems and operations
  • Inflexible website lacking customization
  • Lack of automation

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Bob Walsmith, Jr. made the move from engineering to real estate in 2013 after seeing firsthand the number of successful agents lacking basic business skills. Bob knew his detailed oriented and process-focused approach would be beneficial to building a successful real estate business while providing clients with a smooth and stress free transaction.

Tech Challenges Solved

For years, Bob struggled with managing his CRM and website due to minimal integration between the two systems. He finally found exactly what he was looking for at a tradeshow when he was introduced to Brivity.

In addition to the integrated platform that Brivity offered, Bob also wanted to move away from a “cookie cutter, locked website design” to a more flexible website solution, which is what further attracted him to Brivity.


With Bob’s background in engineering and strong focus on leveraging proven real estate processes, he knew automation was the key to taking his business to the next level. By activating Brivity’s auto plans, Bob was able to automatically follow up with prospects and ensure he remained top of mind by monitoring their activities from listing alerts, market reports, or property details pages. Plus, the ability to call prospects with specific talking points allowed for more meaningful dialogue.

“Auto plans allow for purposeful conversation instead of just calling and saying, ‘Hi Joe, How are you doing? Do you wanna buy or do you wanna sell your house?’ This is very sales-y,” said Bob. “The Brivity platform offers me the ability to build a relationship with my clients and ask probing questions based on actions I’m seeing them take on my website or from our emails.”

The most important thing Bob shared repeatedly about Brivity, is that it allowed him to do his job – get out in front of potential clients.

“The ability to automate so many tasks allows me to do what I’m supposed to do – not the other activities that don’t generate income.”

Favorite Features of Brivity

Bob was quick to point out that the overall integration and automation of the Brivity platform was the most impactful for his business, however, he also shared two other features that have been a game changer for his team’s open houses.

Facebook Open House Ads

In the past, promoting an open house was tedious, time consuming, and took Bob away from connecting with clients. By leveraging Brivity Marketer, which is included with the Brivity Platform, he was able to launch open house ads and follow up plans in minutes.

“I just plug in the information and set it for the amount of money and the number of days. From there, I set up auto plans so that if someone clicks on the ad, they receive more information automatically and I get notified.”

Open House Sign-in

Bob utilizes Brivity’s open house sign-in forms, easily accessible via QR code, to automatically trigger his open house auto plan. With consumers often visiting multiple open houses on the same day, automated follow-up via Brivity ensures Bob stands out against his competitors.

“With Brivity, I can set up a text message to send five minutes after someone signs in at my open house. From there, listing alerts of similar homes in the same price range are automatically triggered.” said Bob. “With consumers visiting multiple open houses on a Sunday, many agents will wait to send follow-up messages when they’re back in the office on Monday. Brivity gives me a headstart on my competition.“

Brivity VA

Working as a single agent without administrative support, Bob utilized Brivity VA’s multiple times to ensure that he has time to meet and work directly with prospects or clients.

Available for both long term assignments and special projects, Bob found Brivity VA simple to activate. The Brivity team worked directly with him to understand his needs and requirements while offering recommendations related to staffing.

“They’ve always done things faster than I had hoped with 100% accuracy. I couldn’t be happier with the work completed by Brivity VAs.”

Standout Service

Bob’s business was founded around his father’s beliefs of treating everyone with respect, kindness, and professionalism. “I treat everyone exactly the same, whether it’s a half million dollar condo or a $30 million estate, because they deserve the same level of service.”

Maintaining this level of client support is paramount to Bob, and he believes the Brivity Platform provides him the tools to offer exceptional service.

Just as important as the service Bob provides his clients, he’s also been very impressed with the level of service he’s received from Brivity.

“In my world, everything revolves around customer service. For me, there are two types of companies and their employees – the ones that do it because it’s their job and the others who truly love what they’re doing and feel like they have a stake in your success. The Brivity Support team is the latter, and I feel like every time I reach out, they actually work for me and me alone.

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