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How Brivity Supports Heather’s Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Growing up in a real estate family, Heather Gossen always knew that she would eventually land in real estate. She spent seven years working in advertising and marketing with American mass media company, Gannett, before transitioning to real estate in 2010.


  • Heather Gossen Real Estate Group
  • BHHS, Fox Cities Realty
  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • Solo agent


  • Brivity Platform

Pain Points before Brivity

  • Using multiple platforms for systems and operations
  • Fragmented lead generation
  • High technology costs

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Standout Marketing

Leveraging her expertise in advertising and marketing, Heather built her business around a high-level, intimate client experience. From the first contact with a new client to post-closing, she connects with clients using targeted communications and a unique series of gifts as a way to stand out from her competition.

“I’ve carved out a niche for myself and how I treat my clients, which has grown my business.”

The Search for Technology

Before Brivity, Heather tried numerous CRM programs along with a few bolt-on transaction management systems in her search to create the perfect all-in-one platform that could support Heather’s high touch client experience. Many companies promised their product would deliver a comprehensive technology platform, but she quickly realized the others could not provide the seamless integration she was hoping to find.

“Brivity was the only platform that brought everything together and allowed me some creative freedom to tweak for my unique business needs.”

Multi-Channel Marketing

Efficient Event Marketing

Many newlyweds are either planning to purchase their first home or perhaps sell their current home(s) and purchase one together, which inspired Heather to host bridal events to get in front of this emerging demographic. Whatever their needs are, the opportunities to serve are endless.

To capture as many people as possible at events, Heather offers gift baskets and prize drawings to attendees, but capturing registrations and then manually marketing was inefficient and time consuming.
By utilizing Brivity built-in lead capture features, Heather streamlined and automated the process to register attendees. She simply creates a QR code connected to a private page on her Brivity website to register attendees. And once they register, everyone is automatically added to her Brivity CRM with database tags that allow her to drip targeted messages and send invitations to future events.

By implementing a quick and easy signup process, Heather typically adds hundreds of new contacts to her database from each event.

Automated Email Marketing

From the moment a lead comes in, Heather automatically adds prospects to listing alerts. And if they currently own a home or have purchased in the past, she sets them up to receive Brivity’s market reports, which keeps clients engaged and coming back with questions.

“With Brivity’s market reports on autopilot, I often get asked, ‘Is this right? Can you double-check?’ which opens up a dialogue about the value of their home.”

Direct Mail – Postcards

With an increasing number of online ads blocked from view of prospects, Heather leverages more traditional marketing tactics like direct mail to reach more potential clients. By utilizing Brivity’s built-in marketing features, she’s able to quickly create professional postcards from the hundreds of design options or upload her own custom designs. From there, she selects which portion of her database to target mailings with “Just Listed,””Just Sold,” “Home Value,” and “Market Update” postcards.

One of my favorite things in Brivity is the direct mail design and shipping options. It is easy to use, extremely affordable, and an efficient way to reach my clients and prospects.

Saving time and money

By leveraging Brivity’s comprehensive real estate marketing platform, Heather’s finally able to have all of her contacts in one central database from contact to close. She no longer spends time moving clients from her prospecting CRM to another system to handle transactions. Everything is seamlessly integrated.

Brivity provides me a huge time savings, plus the cost savings is phenomenal.

Before making the jump to Brivity, Heather compared the features and costs of multiple systems and found that Brivity was atleast 30% less than the closest option with more advanced features.

“I really haven’t scratched the surface with Brivity – I know there’s so much more that I can utilize to grow my business.”

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